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CBS 5 ConsumerWatch: We're Here to Help

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CBS 5 ConsumerWatch: We're Here to Help

Call (888) 5-HELPS-U / 888-543-5778

  Thank you for your interest in CBS 5 ConsumerWatch.

If you need more information about a ConsumerWatch story that aired on CBS 5, email consumerwatch@cbs5.com.

Do you have a consumer problem that you can't resolve on your own?

To speak to an experienced ConsumerWatch helpline volunteer, call 888-5-HELPS-U (888-543-5778) Monday through Friday between 11am and 1pm. You can also call anytime and leave a message; a Helpline volunteer will return your call.

Or click here to submit a ConsumerWatch Help form. *

Please include the following information on  your form:

- A summary of the current issue or problem - please be as brief and concise as possible
- Your account and/or invoice number
- The name and address on the account/invoice
- Your current address and contact information, including phone number
- The company's name, address, and phone number
- The details of any correspondence or calls you've had with the company -- for instance, whom you've spoken with, when you spoke with them, and a summary of the conversation
- Whether you would be available for an on camera interview for broadcast
- IMPORTANT: What you'd like to have happen now to resolve the situation - please be as specific as possible.

PLEASE do not send any attachments, unless we ask for them.

In all but very rare instances, we will not investigate business-to-business disputes, criminal cases, employment or family law problems, or landlord/tenant issues.

ConsumerWatch also generally does not investigate cases that are already in litigation or mediation. 

Because we receive lots of emails and calls every week, sometimes we can't get back to each person right away. Please be patient, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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